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Who We Are

New places await a new life that we tend to experience.MyTravelsPartner is an online travel agency,Just in doubt, how,when,where to travel to stay or shop.Here comes the saviour MyTravelsPartner. Let"s go for a vacation'' is a statement,whereas “Ticket booked”.“PLAN CONFIRMED” is an emotion.Even a new song can change the whole mood,and so does a new journey.MyTravelsPartner finds ways to make your life worth living.This online travel agency focuses on the hidden spots,adventurous sports,exact times when the places can be seen and enjoyed,and also new ideas for exploration.We work from the basic step of planning a tour till the last day you get to depart.We collab with the renowned remote travel partners for the site seeing and also cross check with multiple collabs whether we offer better hospitality in terms of travel, ticketing fares ,management tasks and till you bid a bye.

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We differ from other travel agencies by a thin line,we also focus more on the way you travel.Just like the quote,we stand by Happiness is not just about reaching destinations,but also by how we travel & A comfortable and cozy journey will give you a new joy of mood that will be an additional factor of a reminiscing memory! We collaborate with the properly licensed travel agency partners for the places to be explored. Holiday packages in India,Reaching out to the turquoise terrain Islands of Andaman and Nicobar,wandering around the picturesque valleys of Jammu and Kashmir,then visiting the endless rivers of Northeast India.We have just provided a tiny glimpse of our package ideas.Just feel free to contact us about the package and the customization of packages.

Additional factor to be included :
The adventurous sports that we offer along with the packages are ,
Flying Fox
Rock Climbing
Bungee Jumping
Scuba Diving
Sea Walk 
Trekking or Hiking  
Bird Watching Tour 
Motorcycling Tour
Mountain Biking

Domestic Packages :
The Domestic Packages deal with the bundle of spots covering the valleys, outskirts of India ,mountain views ,hill stations and all the spots concerned with seasonal tours.We connect from deciding the place,railway reservations, bus routes,remote partners who give us hidden spots to explore and also the climatic conditions are concerned with each package.

International Packages :
An International Package deals with drafting the bucket list of your choices, calculating the long routes of travel ,big buildings,affordable stays and just sticking to the memory lane.